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Recent Comments-

"Thank you so much for a great party! The Dad's relived their childhood loving every minute of it and the kids are already planning their next game! The cake was beautiful (demolished!) and the party bags and camo gear was a great hit on top of the whole package.
Thanks again and we look forward to the next trip out to you!
Kind Regards,
T,J and W"

"Skirmish was excellent today. Everybody had a great time.
Thanks for a great day.

"To you all, an immense round of applause. The girls both had a wonderful time on Saturday, both declared it the best party ever (in agreement was their younger sister!) and apparently we have started something amongst the grade three kids (the last thing being the ultimate test for a party!).
So, again and again, I say thank you to the entire team for your professionalism, your enthusiasm, your unflappable personalities (dealing with thirty kids is no mean feat!) and for your support.
With kind regards,

"Good Afternoon
Thanks to everyone for a fabulous night on Saturday night. T thoughly enjoyed his skirmish party at Centenary High School.

Thanks very much

"To Darling Downs Laser Skirmish,
I want to say that you guys rock. When I went to my friend's party I had the most fun in my whole life.
YOU ROCK!! YOUR AWSOME!! CONGRADULATIONS!! ( I'm not easy to please)

My brother Alex thinks it's the best game in the world.

Ryan and Alex"