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Technology advances in recent years have enabled Infra-red beams to be used outdoors and over quite considerable ranges. Our Australian made Laser Skirmish equipment is manufactured by the multi-award winning Battlefieldsports.com company who are the pioneers and leaders in outdoor laser skirmish equipment. All of the guns shoot safe infra-red, much the same as a television remote control, most of our guns are equipped with red-dot scopes, some use telescopic sights! Unlike the old TV remote, some of our guns will shoot over 150 meters!

Darling Downs Laser Skirmish currently carries six types of Laser Skirmish weapon in its armoury. These weapons are varied in their use, who they will suit, and the role the player using it will take in each combat situation. We have put together descriptions and examples for each weapon so that you will be able to get right in to the fun on the day, or even if you are just curious about the technical stuff. Our armoury is always expanding!

The Armoury

Weapons available for each session.

Morita SniperLong Range Rifle, Morita - Sniper Version.
The Morita Sniper Rifle has very long range firepower combined with a 4x40 telescopic scope to get the best results. Available in limited numbers. *Newsflash - early 2012, the Morita will be converted to an 'instant kill' bolt action gaming program.
Morita Sniper Video

Commando RifleAssault Rifle/Carbine, Commando. Best all purpose gun in the armoury. Respectable range, retracting shoulder stock and a red-dot scope makes this one very versatile gun.
Commando Carbine Video

Pulse RifleSquad Automatic Weapon, Pulse Rifle . This is firepower! The Pulse Rifle carries the biggest magazine of all guns in the armoury combined with a red-dot scope to find targets fast. This is one very handy gun for storming the enemy team and taking their base. Available in limited numbers.
Pule Rifle video

The ScorpionSub Machine Gun, The Scorpion. The Scorpion has a high fire-rate, decent range and equipped with a red-dot scope, this is a nasty little gun to come up against in a game. The size of the gun and its weight make this gun very popular with many different kinds of player.
Scorpion SMG Video

*Image coming soon* PDW, P90.
The P90 has a very high fire rate, it is reasonably light and equipped red-dot scope. This one very versatile gun, but prone to being out ranged by the Commando and Morita guns.
P90 PDW Video

The Other Armoury

New weapons, limited use items, and The Wish List.

Claymore MineClaymore Mine. Limited to specific scenarios.

Inflatable Battlefield

*Pictures coming soon*
School Fetes, Regional Shows, Sports Team Break-up, Corporate Parties - our inflatable battlefield can do it all.
Packages available for events from 2 to 12 hours duration. Action packed with 20 suitable laser skirmish guns, we can put through 120+ players per hour.

Our laser skirmish equipment is made by Battlefieldsports.com and further details and pictures can be viewed here.